Our Manifesto

Every day, large corporations, our clients, and prospective clients fear becoming obsolete when compared to innovative, uninhibited startups. To take back control over the constantly evolving situation, these companies must reinvent themselves and push past their limits. To do this, they must establish innovation and cooperation as golden rules to be used every day, all the time. They must know that the complacent “status quo” is the beginning of the end. That is our conviction.

Companies are rife with talent, but lack strategies that uncover their potential and make them shine. Their employees are imprisoned by rigid and heavy processes. Today, more than ever, organizations must transform themselves to become more responsive and faster. They must resemble the competition that threatens their market. Transformation, acceleration, cooperation: these are the keys in innovation and performance that companies must leverage to generate their new sustainable growth. That is our approach.

Heavy task for a company by itself and its leaders!

We believe that the key to innovation, and a company’s resulting success, is to accomplish it by working together. Innovating Together is not just a slogan used by people who have been indoctrinated with “team spirit”. Innovating Together means accomplishing something with all the stakeholders in the ecosystem: customers, employees, service providers. Innovating Together is communicated by using “co” in all its variations: co-operation, co-construction, co-location. It is with this in mind that Wenation co-creates with companies. That is our method.

At Wenation, our goal is to work with companies in building their own transformation initiative, so that they too may be more competitive with startups. This is only possible by including all of their stakeholders. That is our goal.

By using the strength of cooperation and innovation, we do more than help companies develop their business: we transform how work itself is organized. All of us at Wenation work together alongside our clients to help create their own transformation initiative. That is our satisfaction.

Because we know how difficult it is to reinvent yourself when you are facing challenges alone, we assist and support the digital and Agile transformation of companies so that they can unleash the power of its most precious capital: the business spirit. That is our job.

The proud members of Wenation