Spark the Change is a global conference that aims to inspire CHANGE and rethink the FUTURE OF WORK. On June the 26th, Spark will be landing in Paris and our speakers from Hyperloop, SES, Slack, Dropbox, RATP, Indeed, Ecole des Ponts, OECD and many more will take you on their journey to stronger organizations, disruptive technology and happier workplaces.

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Collective energy at Spark the Change

For Wenation, “Innovating together” is the future for organizations. We believe true innovation can only be achieved collectively. Therefore Wenation works alongside aspiring innovators to hack the traditional business system. We unite around one common passion: constantly call into question the status quo, and especially to create structures that free people to use their enterprising spirit. Our speakers ranging from Hyperloop, Slack, Dropbox, RATP, OECD, SES, Management 3.0 and many more are joining us at Spark to tell you about their journey to the future. 

A full day of treats

In the Théâtre de la Madeleine, we will make sure you spend your valuable time in the best conditions. With our coffee breaks, our animations and VIP cocktail at the end of the day, we’ve got you covered!

Seven reasons to come:

  1. for new business opportunities
  2. to experience future innovations first and first-hand
  3. to celebrate change with 400+ attendees
  4. to spot emerging tech trends early
  5. to meet global game-changers
  6. to get noticed by our guest journalists
  7. to get inspired!
More info about Spark
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